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        While listening to one of my favorite music, I wanted to write my first post on my blog. I always like to write my ideas in the evenings.

        I am sure there were times when you asked yourself why some things have happened in one way and not otherwise. There were a lot of things in my life that happened in a way that I didn’t understand at first, but after a while I saw that some things happen for a reason. Well, honestly, I don’t understand all the things that happen in a way and not otherwise, but I like to sit down and think about.

       I am going to tell you about some things that I believe happened for a reason in my life. I was in my last summer holiday before my first grade at school. I was so happy that I was going to start school and learn about a lot of new things. But something happened with a few weeks before school and although I was already registered in the first grade I had to leave even before I could start. The reason why I had to lose one year from school and stay another one in kindergarten is that in one sunny afternoon I was playing with one of my friends in her yard and I fell on the doorstep with my head. For about a minute or more I couldn’t see and speak. I was really scared and I also broke a little of my gum, but that wasn’t the real reason to worry about. My parents took me to a doctor because there were times when I woke up during the night and couldn’t speak and I was going terrified to my parents’ room. The doctor said that I don’t have to be stressed and don’t have to be let to study too much and that I was going to recover after a year. So he recommended that I should be left in kindergarten another year and start my first grade next year. And it was the way he said, I recovered after a year and I didn’t have those horrified nights.

      So I made new friends from the kindergarten and started my new first grade with a lot of new people. Now I sit down and know why all this happened back then. I believe that I had the best teacher in the world and she taught me a lot, all the people in my village said that. If I wouldn’t have lost that first year of school I wouldn’t have met all the amazing people and really nice people around me, I wouldn’t have had that boy as my first crush when he was the prince and I the Snow White, his princess; I wouldn’t have had my class master the best Maths teacher in the school; I wouldn’t have been in a class that teachers remind of it as one of the best in the school; I wouldn’t had a Physics class master in the ninth grade; I wouldn’t have met all my friends that I had; I wouldn’t have met all the amazing professors from my University and Master Degree; I wouldn’t have the same experiences; the same boys that I fell in love or cried because they broke my heart or they didn’t feel the same as I was feeling for them.

      I think that something like this changes the course of your life and makes you have different experiences and meet different people.

     What do you think, did you have some things happened in your life that did happened for a reason?

     I would like to read your comments down below and I wish you a great weekend!