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We are a box full of memories, happy or sad ones…

Memories box

Photo from Google.com

Along our life we gather a lot of moments, we have a lot of time spent with our family, friends, best friends, and people from school or job. We have many important parts of our life captured in videos or photos, but more stored in our mind. There are all our feelings that we had once, twice or more during our life. There are the moments when we felt in a way or another. We remember about our first day at school, when we started to like someone for the first time, we fell in love and if this was corresponded or not, when we had our first kiss, our first serious relationship, our first broken heart and the others things that came along.

I remember many things happened in my life that others don’t know. These will be kept just for me. I know how people made me feel in some point in my life, how they treated me, how much I cried or I laughed.

     Have you wondered what would you do if you lose your memories, your moments from life and wake up one day without them?

We are made of our memories, experiences and things given to us to live from. So, we’ll be kind of lost without any records of our past. We are nothing without our memory and all we have experienced through life.

I know someone whose husband lost a lot of his memories; he doesn’t recognize all the people around him. He has Alzheimer and it’s sad to see a man that once was an important person, to be in this situation. I consider his wife as my grandma that I never felt I have, but that’s another story. I feel sad when I see how she feels about her beloved husband when he is like a little child and forgets things and their moments spent together.

Therefore, I think it’s important to take care of our mind, to train our brain and do the things that make us happy and have some time spent with people we love. We have to enjoy what we have in the present without forgetting to be with the people we care about.

I wish you have a great weekend 🙂

P.S. Tomorrow I am going to upload another painting made by me.