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How can a couple of different things to change the course of your life?

I remember watching a movie a few years ago (Sliding doors). I think about people that we come across in a specific time. I wonder if I had missed another 5 or 10 minutes would it still have been happened the same?

Things happen for a reason https://littlewritingsblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/some-things-happen-for-a-reason/ and we really don’t understand them at first, but after a while we do. I remember a time when I was driving and someone from a car wanted to buy a watermelon. We turned right near the road, as a person was selling watermelons. In a few seconds or a minute a car accident happened further forward about 50 m (164 foot). This one decision to stop on the right of the road and buy something changed the possibility to be closer to the accident, or closer to the cars that were rough. We waited on the road without moving about 30 minutes. There were no victims but a heavy smell of gas was in the air, as one of the cars had gas fuel.

My parents had a very bad car accident a few years ago, when I was about 2. In the last time, they decided to leave me home with an aunt. They are fine now, but the doctors said it was a miracle my father was alive. Everyone said that if I were there I couldnโ€™t survive.

Maybe some more or less minutes can determine if we can meet someone special in our lives or notโ€ฆ

So, what do you think?