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Source:  Google.com

Source: Google.com

Why do we forget about things we enjoyed before we had a relationship?

We enjoy a lot of different things in our lives before we meet someone. Then slowly we stop doing the little things we are passionate about or our hobbies.

We may not stop from the beginning of the relationship, but at some point I realized many couples start forgetting the things that they had been doing before that relationship.

I felt this when I was in a relationship and after it was over I realized that I stopped at one point to do the things that I enjoyed before. It wasnโ€™t that he was telling me to not do what I like or something like that, but it was me that stopped doing them.

I realized that we should do the things we really enjoy, even if we are in a relationship or not, to have a little time for ourselves. Life is too short to just not do what we are passionate about.