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Source: Google.com

If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives…


You never know when the right moment to do something is. We say that we wait another period of time and after that we are going to start doing something we want. The time passes by and again we delay it. Most of the time we are caught in a very busy world of working or studying; doing a lot of things, rushing from a place to another.

I honestly said that I was going to do a blog for a long time ago and I just delayed that moment as I said that I am not ready, I still have to think what I was going to write on it, how is going to look like, when I am going to post on it etc. All the time I was studying, working and rushing from a part of a town to another and I was saying that I was going to start my blog later that month. Then another month passed and so on. So when I finally finished my master degree this year in July, I decided that I am going to write on my blog before summer finishes. I like to be very organized and be prepared before a test, interview or anything else, so therefore every time I wanted to start my blog I was thinking that I still need to do something or to be more prepared with my posts or all the things that I said earlier.

As my birthday was coming and I was getting older (I am not so old – 25 🙂 ) I realized that life is not waiting for you to do something and it’s passing by. I think that we are never really ready for something and if we are going to wait for the right moment, we may lose a lot of great time in our life and wait for all life…

Therefore, I am so glad that I started this journey with my little blog on my birthday on August and I want to thank to all my friends that I made here. Now I see this was like a little present for me for my birthday, a very nice one.

Have a great weekend!