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Source: Google.com

Little piece of Heaven means a lot to me. It’s a place where you make the most of everything, you can relax, you are inspired to write, you can listen to your deepest thoughts, you are able to forget about all that is bad in this world, you can focus on yourself, you enjoy just looking to the grass while you relax in the rocking or in a hammock, you can create the most amazing creations.

I love this expression because it shows me that even if we do have problems and the world is sometimes a difficult place to live, we are able to find peace in a space only for us, made by us for our soul.

I feel sometimes that I am always in a rush, that’s why I am so glad when I can go in my “little piece of Heaven” and just sit down with my own thoughts, think about wonderful things…

A lot of people said about the place where I live with my beloved parents that even if we don’t have a big space, it feels like a “little piece of Heaven”. We think that’s because we made it this way, we created something with it, we don’t have a lot, but as much as we have, we make something of everything. And the most important are the people living on a place, they are truly the ones that can make a place “little piece of Heaven” or a bad place to live with their actions and behaviors.

So, I do ask… why are there people that have a lot of everything, big places to live, cars etc, but they feel awful there and are not happy? 

I think because they don’t do anything of what they have or what they could do with all the blessing they have in their lives…or even give back to the community, to the people that really need, helping in one way…

I would like to thank you for the amazing time spent on this space, in the WordPress community. I found a great space where I can write and read some very touching and inspirational writings.

Even if you feel down sometimes, you should all find that “little piece of Heaven” and with everything that this means for you.