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If you could, would you choose to have or not the differences that distinguish you from the others?

Art made by me

Art made by me

Everyone has something unique and that little thing that distinguish us from each other. We may like it or not.

As we grow up and experience more in life, we may begin to hate more those little things that make us different or love them more. For a long time, I can say that I didn’t like that fact that I am a petite. I wished to be taller and gain more weight. But, after a while I realized that I had a great life with being that petite girl that a lot of people liked and remembered a lot much easier that an average person. Because of me being different of other people (I mean by my height- about 5 feet – 1.53 cm) and skinny type of person, I realized that people remembered me, even if we just met once or we didn’t have a lot of time spent together. For example, when I go shopping somewhere and after a while I go back there, I normally don’t remember all the people that I cross, but they tell me that I was that time and bought something from them. I ask them how they can remember me, as I just went once there. And they say that I have something that distinguishes me from the other, that I am a nice tiny personJ.  Even at my university I’ve seen how professors would remember me and knew about me more than the others, as I was petite. Even we just had a few times spent together, they would recognize me faster and they had a lot of students. I remember when I had my final exam, a professor that I had in my first and last year of university, told me that she knew that I am able to do a lot of things and that I made them proud. I haven’t interacted so much with professors in order to be so easy remembered, but I realized that I was easy to be in mind of amazing people.

Therefore, I realized that being petite it helped me and I stopped worrying about it; I started to understand why we are in a way, why we have some certain things happened in our life.

I know that there are a lot of times when people say that you are not going to succeed because you have something that is different from the “normal” definition of something; I remember when people were saying to my parents that I am going to have a different accent and not correctly from the place where I live just because my parents were from another part of the country, but I proved them wrong, I speak as well as they do. I’ve always been a little child, the smallest from my class, and even they said that because I am tiny I will not be able to handle all the things that were going to come into my life and pressure at school, I also proved them wrong and did a lot of things they were surprised and amazed.

I think that differences are the ones that distinguish us from each other. They make us special, they make us greater, although there are differences in height, something particular in our body, in the way we act or react to something, the way we speak or treat people, in the way we write or create, draw, paint etc.

And to conclude, I choose to have the things that distinguish me and now I may say that I like that I am petite, that’s why I got in love with the name of my blog that starts with Little. I had many combinations of names for my blog, but I chose one that represents me.

I’ve taken a photo of my little creation and I wanted to share with you.

I wish you to have a great day!