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Source:  Google.com

Source: Google.com

(This is a part of a story I wanted to share with you 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading it)

I was chasing the wind or maybe the fog. I was all by myself, trying to get out of the foggy maze. It was dark and slippery on the cold floor inside the forgotten palace. I looked at me and realized I was dressed in a long blue silky dress.

A red chicken was inside the palace and started to chase me through the maze. Soon, I was running very fast, cutting the fog with my bare hands. Looking back, the angry chicken was making sounds that scared me.

After a while, I realized that I have arrived in the forgotten and forbidden tower. I knew that I wasn’t allowed to go there, but the angry big chicken didn’t let me to go back.

Everything was so strange when I went inside the little old tower. For a few seconds, I felt as a little princess that was waiting to be saved by a prince. But this wasn’t the case. On one hand, I didn’t have the characters like other stories; and on the other hand, it was just me and the angry chicken.

I closed the door and immediately the sun started to shine, everything was turning green outside the palace; it was a very sunny and amazing day. But wait…how comes? I just closed the door to an evening and opened the window to an afternoon. This makes me dizzy…

So I decided to open the door and leave this weird palace. Anyway, I just came for my missing earring somewhere outside the palace…Hey…and then why did I just get inside the palace?

Before I tried to open the door, there was a note saying…