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Source: Google.com

Even we might think we are too old to start something, we shouldn’t be afraid of this. There are certain things in life that I wish I did before, but the years kept passing by and after a period of time I started asking myself: “Is it too late to start this now?”

Of course, there were people telling me that it’s too late; and as I was older than the people that were doing that certain things, maybe I shouldn’t start doing what I really wanted for a long time.

So, I decided to do the things that I would have loved to start earlier, but as I didn’t, I am not going to just sit down and think about all the reasons why I didn’t; I will just enjoy them.

I really wanted for such a long time to start learning German since I was a little girl. At school I had English and French; the years passed by and I was busy with studying in high school, university, then working for a company etc.

I am happy that I started studying German and I am teaching myself at home ( learning without a teacher) and after I learn more about grammar etc, I hope very soon to go to a teacher for the reading and accent.

This is a little example, but as long as we really want something, I think that we should do something about it πŸ™‚

I wish you all an amazing week!