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Source:  Google.com

Source: Google.com

He was looking at me, but not directly. I was trying to avoid his blue eyes, as they were just hypnotizing all my body. I was feeling that a strong force was taking my hand and pushing towards him. The vibrations from inside our souls were somehow connecting and started to communicate.

We were transposed to a parallel world, and a universe powder was spinning around our path. We were tiptoeing to get to each other sources of energy that were lying inside our souls.

While looking into his very deep blue eyes, he grabbed my hand and run away with me on the foggy and very narrow alley.

Then a very far away sound just clicked into my head and I woke up from the parallel experience I had with his soul through his eyes. He was as confused as me because he realized he felt the same, but he didn’t have the courage to say a word. So, I went to him and started a conversation with “I feel I already have met you” and he said “Oh, me too”…