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Source:  Google.com

Source: Google.com

What’s your meaning for “home” in your own perspective?

Home – the feeling that you have for some place that you call it home and you feel the most relaxed and great. Many people say home is where you live, where you grew up. But it’s not just like that; it’s something more than just a house or a place to live.

I was listening these days to a song called “Home” and what I really loved about it was the lyric “Home is where the heart is”.

I think home is where you feel your heart is happy; you have your soul in peace; you forget about all the chaos and rush from this nowadays world. With only closing your eyes, you can feel that you are in a peaceful, relaxing corner; almost floating and transporting you in a field full of spectacular and colorful flowers… and slowly touching the green grass with your bare feet

Every one of us may have a different idea of what home is, but the most important thing is how it makes you feel!

Does it make you feel connected with it; do you feel as you belong there? Then this is the home for you!