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Source: Google.com


     Have you thought of the idea of traveling through time? Would you like to experience the journey to the time you choose to see how life was?

I would definitely love this experience; to travel to the time I want, to speak with different kinds of people to see how they are thinking without all the things we have nowadays.

Imagine some moments in their lives experienced and seen through our own eyes. First of all, visualize some minutes in a life of someone famous or someone that you would have really liked to meet and have some words with him or her, even he or she is or isn’t alive.

Secondly, maybe you would love to meet one or more of your relatives you never had the chance to have a conversation with. I would have liked to have the opportunity to meet some of them. One can study the family tree and see the oldest of your relatives, but how would it be like to really be able to speak with them? Perhaps we shouldn’t tell them who we are, as it would be really awkward to explain that we are their relative from a very far away future; but we could examine how they are as a person ourselves and not through the others’ perception.

I believe there are more reasons that we may have to travel through time; as for me I would love this for experiencing the way that people were living those days for few moments and study the psychology of them, why they reacted in certain ways and what were their logic in order to do the things they’ve done; and it would be great to listen from their own perspective and not from books written by other people that had other reality, different from them.

What would you like to do if you could experience traveling through time?

Until next time, have an amazing time and enjoy every moment of your life!