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 Source:  Google.com

Source: Google.com

Are you afraid of change?

“Hi, are you waiting for someone? Sorry to ask, but I’ve seen you here on the bench for a while.”

“Hello, no problem, I’m just waiting to see if I stay longer I start losing the fear of change. But, unfortunately, I do realise the longer I wait, the more afraid I am…”

“You’ve got a point here. If we keep trying to extend the period of time and hope that we’ll not feel scared of doing something, we’ll be waiting unsuccessfully.”

“Why are you running from different paths to get to this part of the park? It’s like you are running from the change, too.”

“Oh no, it’s totally the opposite. I may be afraid at first of trying new paths in order to see which one leads me in less amount of time than the others, but afterwards it’s such a great accomplishment that I can find out which path is best for me. “

“Oh, wow. I haven’t thought of that…”

“In life it’s the same. How are you going to know if something is for you or not if you never give yourself the chance to try and embrace the change? This could lead to so many opportunities.”

“Hey, can I join you on finding the best path to get to this area? I would like to start my change by meeting new people…”

“Yeah, I’m glad you decided because you’re going to feel so much better after this… and by the way, my name is Alexander”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Aubrey.”

Change can be found in so many aspects of our lives. It could mean change of a place, meeting new people, getting another job, the person you were before, and the things you liked.

But it also can mean that you could get so many opportunities!