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“Hey, finally I could come. It was a lot of traffic and… David, who’s that girl that looks exactly like me?”

“Oh my God, David, she is just like me, it’s like I’m looking in a mirror…are you my twin?” I asked the stranger that was in front of me.

“My name is Aubrey Kathleen Smith and…”

“Wait… My name is Aubrey Kristine Smith and my father is George Smith.”

“My father is George Smith as well…my mother is Maria Smith and…”

“Stop a little, my mother was Maria Smith because she died after I was born. I wished I met her…”

“If we are twins, my mother is your mother, she can’t be dead because she is alive, and she lives with me and my father…” my twin sister said.

“Look, I have a photo of her from when she was younger… is she???” I asked desperately.

“Yeah, she is indeed, but she is alive and I told you…”

“That’s crazy, my father would never lie to me, wouldn’t he??”

“Where do you live?” Aubrey Kathleen wanted to know.

“I live in the south of the city with my father. He is working so hard that he hardly have time to come home.”

“That’s why he says he goes to other countries and has business to do.”

“That’s crazy!!!”

“Why did you say to meet me at this place? You could have said another one?” asked David and suddenly I remembered he was there standing and watching us.

“David, are you ok? I just can’t believe what just happened…I just felt the need to come to this place…” said my twin and hugged him. They really look great together.

“We have to talk to our father and question him how he could do this to us…”

“Hey, looks like our father is coming… dad… how and why did you do that?” I demanded and answer.

“Because I know that twins cannot stay together as one of them will have a terrible life and all I wanted is to protect you…”

“Dad, first of all, I don’t believe this and I just can’t believe you felt the need to lie to us all our life and to our mother just because you thought and…” and while my sister started running from our father, a car just appeared from nowhere and hit her…

In the hospital…

“Hey, Aubrey, how are you feeling?” asked David.

“Where am I and who are you? I feel dizzy and I can’t remember anything.”

“Okay, just take it easy, you’ve been hit by a car and you’ve been in a coma for a few months and all I wished for is that you to open your eyes and come back to the life you always told me we are going to have if I open mine. I opened them and I need you…”

“And you are…?”

“I’m your love and I don’t care if you don’t remember me because I’ll stay by your side and make you feel the same things you made me feel while I was lost.”

After a while, my sister and her now husband’s memories have started to come back one by one and are very happy together. I tried to understand my father, but it’s hard. I succeed to start having a great relationship with my mother and we visit our father in a very nice place where people help him to separate the fantasy world to the real one. He just got in a denial state where he thinks he didn’t do anything wrong and he just did that for our best…

My sister and I don’t think the same as him and we believe that you shouldn’t live your life afraid that maybe one day something is going to happen just because someone else is saying that.You may end living in a cage for the rest of your life and well… this is not real life…