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Source: Google.com

Have you ever had a stranger or a certain person that you just met or just talked to for a few minutes and it got stuck with you for a long time?

I was walking on a path in Hyde Park, London when I saw a tall, young man playing with his dog. I stopped a little to have a look while I was eating a little cake.

 Source: Google.com

Source: Google.com

The dog ran to me and didn’t return to his owner. I decided to leave, so the cute dog would go to the man with grey eyes. Then he came to me…

“Hey, Cooper seems to like you and he doesn’t like anyone so easily. By the way, my name is Xavier. What’s your name?”

“Hello. My name is Abigail. It’s a lovely greyhound and I like the name, Cooper.”

“I really like the name, too.”

“Excuse me, my mobile is ringing… yes…I’ll be there…no problem…I’m close, so I can get there in ten minutes…don’t worry…Goodbye. It seems I must go earlier from my break, I need to solve some things.”

“Well, don’t worry… we all have our busy days… it was great meeting you, Abigail.”

“Same, Xavier and have a lovely afternoon!”

“Thanks and good luck with solving those things.”

“Yeah, they will be fine. Thanks. Bye!”


After I finished my day, I realised he had been stuck in my head all day long. I wonder if I could meet him in another day in my lunch break…I can’t get those grey eyes out of my mind and I have so many questions regarding him…