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Who is saying that we can’t push ourselves and can’t do things that no one imagined before?

Why should we cut our wings and not be able to believe we can live our wildest dreams?

We have a strength within us that doesn’t go away if we think that it can help us to reach the unimaginable peaks in our lives.

When we are in the darkest corner of our life and left alone in the empty rainy place where nobody wants to be, but find the strength to keep going and perseverate, then it is the time when we realise that we have our inner strength that lifts us from a deep hole to the highest point in our life.

We tend to forget the little things that fulfil our existence and tend to do what everybody else is doing, even this doesn’t make us happy.

Even if we are down on the ground and feel we can’t continue anymore, we should think about all the things that make us happy and just start doing them.


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